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Weight management is a process by which a person is able to maintain an ideal body weight. For someone suffering from obesity, it means an attempt to get rid of the excess of weight. This is one among the worst threats our nation is facing at present.

For most of us, weight management starts with the realization that overweight is the result of years of unhealthy habits and the influence of our surroundings. This creates a situation where one has to go for small changes easy enough for a person to accept and to adopt as part of life. Experts recommend that one should not go for crash diets or other fad diet plans. They may give you the desired effect in your attempt to lose weight fast. But, the inherent health problems can never be ignored. The generally advised option is to classify your weight loss routines into small groups and an attempt to complete them, one at a time. Weight management also implies adopting those behavioral changes which are must-haves for a healthy life.

Having practical expectations followed by realistic goals too is an integral part of an effective and long-lasting weight loss program. Besides, the timeframe to attain the goal should be something determined taking in account of the person’s ability to get adapted to a new lifestyle and emotional balance. The obis person trying to lose weight should also get rid of the notion that attaining the ideal bodyweight is something tough and challenging. If you have the patience to go for small changes to migrate towards a healthy lifestyle in the long run, weight loss would happen even without you noticing it. Here are some facts which may be of assistance to you with this regard.

Healthy eating, the key to effective weight management

The wrong notion spread among those who try to lose weight fast is that food intake has to be reduced. But, the fact is that healthy food is a must-have for your body to function properly. Besides, it is not the healthy food that led you to obesity. The villains were your own unhealthy habits and a diet which contained empty calorie and saturated fats. In fact, you don’t even have to reduce your food intake.

• Healthy diet is naturally low in carbohydrates and calorie. The items like leafy green vegetables, lean meat, fruits and raw nuts are the essential ingredients of a healthy diet and, they are the sources of good carbohydrates given by nature. Consuming them would help you to get the required amount of carbohydrates which would be transformed into lean muscles.

• Unhealthy items which contain saturated fats and high in sugar force the body to store the excess of fat contained in them. Besides, they create certain kind of a response which creates hunger pangs making it ask for more fuel for its normal functioning. A healthy meal contains all the vitamins, carbohydrates and protein in sufficient quantities allowing you to stay satisfied for a long time. This helps you stay away from the bad habit of having unhealthy snacks or junk food.

• Carbohydrate is not something to be avoided. It offers the energy your body needs to perform its daily activities. Crash diets which advise you to completely eliminate carbohydrates would definitely prove disastrous for your efforts to lose weight in a healthy manner. A total elimination of carbohydrates would create a situation where your body starts feeding on muscle mass for its energy needs. Remember, your body needs energy even to catch up with your weight loss attempts.

• There are food items which contribute towards burning fat. And the ones that are high in protein fall into this category. This happens because our body needs more energy to absorb proteins and it uses the fat stored in the body for the purpose. Protein helps you feel satisfied for longer periods of time. Your body does not need to be dependent on other sources like high-sugar food items to maintain its energy level.

A few fruit juices to help you in your weight loss efforts

Several factors influence weight gain or weight loss. Even though not common, under-weight too creates trouble for those who suffer from it. The unfortunate fact is that under-weight persons find it harder to put on weight than those who are trying to shed a few pounds from their body.

Whatever is your trouble, the best option is to consult a dietician. He would be in a position to help you determine your calorie requirements and plan the diet accordingly. The following are some fruit juices to help you in different phases of your weight gain or weight loss efforts. But, these are not substitutes for vitamin supplements or a healthy diet. The juices help you to manage a particular situation. The best way to attain your desired weight is a healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and a good exercise routine.

• Lime and strawberry soda

As the name suggests, this is a simple drink which can be prepared using a lime, strawberry and soda water. Mix the ingredients in a juice extractor, stir well and enjoy. The drink is an ideal supplement to have when you are trying to cut out on your meals. A rich source of vitamin C, this helps you feel full for a long time and takes away the need of any other drink.

• Cucumber, celery and beet juice

This is an excellent fruit juice with cucumber, celery with leaves, beat and apple as ingredients. Chop all the ingredients and blend them in a good juice extractor. After stirring for some time, take out and enjoy it as fast as possible. High in nutrients, this would help you to stay energetic all through the day. It is also good for the immune system of your body.

Remember, no juice, even with all the ingredients for a balanced meal would not be able to replace a healthy meal. Exercise well, eat right and enjoy the amazing benefits of effective weight management!

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