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Ours is a time when weight control has become the need of the hour. Just a quick analysis of the surveys done with regard to obesity in our nation itself would attest to this fact. But, most of us shy away from weight control plans due to several reasons.

While some may complain about lack of time, others may be staying away because of the bitter experiences they had from fad diets or any other program they had been following in the past. Whatever is the reason, obesity has to be prevented at any cost to stay protected from heart ailments and other related diseases. Here is an outline of a simple and effective weight control plan ideal for someone who has no time to take care of his or her health.

A practical weight control plan

You just need a mentor, a diet plan and a calendar to prepare this effective weight control plan.

• A trainer or mentor:

External support is an integral part of a good weight control plan. It helps the participant to stay focused and motivated all through the plan to attain the desired weight. As a trainer, the mentor whom you choose should be willing to be your trainee and trainer at the same time. As a trainer, you should be answerable to the person for your efforts in this direction. As a trainee, your mentor should give you a good competition challenging you to stay motivated in your weight loss efforts.

The trainer would employ all methods at his or her disposal to ensure that you remain on track. Consequently, you enjoy your twenty-minute cardiovascular exercises, forty-five minutes of interval training and a healthy diet. If both of you are able to motivate each other to go forward in the attempt to lose those extra pounds, the results would definitely be amazing!

• A good meal plan:

The next ingredient of a good weight control plan is a nutritious diet. Your diet should be high in protein, low in carbohydrates and rich in nutrients. Refrain from having junk food and other items which contain lots of sugar. You should also avoid white food and migrate to whole grains.

When combined with the items which contain lean protein like fish, egg, chicken breast etc, you should have almost everything required to eat healthy to lose weight. Take care to ensure that you drink at least eight glasses of water to stay hydrated all through the day. If you and your trainer decide to have the same diet, it would be a lot easier for both of you to stay committed until you reach your target.

• A calendar:

The last, but greatly significant element of this weight control plan is a calendar. This helps you to track your progress on a daily basis. This time, you and your trainer should have individual calendars. Your body type would be different from that of your trainer. The difference in results may disappoint you. Assign three days per week for your workout routine. This ensures that your muscles have ample time to get rest and recover from the strain they may be subjected to during the exercising time. Weighing yourself once in a week would help you know where you are in your attempts.

Now that you have an effective weight control plan, you just have to get into action and enjoy the huge health benefits in store for you.

Hypnosis, a great tool for weight control

If you feel that even with a trainer, a diet plan is not going to work for you, you can happily go for hypnosis. Here, the reasons which lead to your weight loss are analyzed and treated. Hypnosis tries to get into your subconscious mind and suggest ideas while you remain in a trans-like condition. When your subconscious mind accepts an idea, it starts leading your conscious mind in the direction it desires and the positive outcome follows suit. Hypnosis is ideal for three types of persons:

• Those who resort to eating when depressed or sad
• Those who eat without being conscious of eating, while watching a program on the television
• For those excessive eating has become a part of life

Here, the therapist takes the patient into a state of mind where he becomes increasingly aware of himself, but is able only to focus on the voice of the one who speaks with him. The conscious mind is made inactive and the subconscious mind is brought into light. This done, the therapist suggests ideas and changes to the lifestyle. These get imprinted into the subconscious mind. At the end of the session, if properly done, the patient starts adopting the newly introduced habits even without his knowledge. This happens because our conscious mind is always being controlled by what is there in our subconscious mind.

• Be careful not to be carried away by the misconception that hypnosis is making the patient fall into a sound sleep. And, when planning to get the help of a hypnotist, make sure that the therapist has at least a few years of experience in the field.

• Self-hypnosis too is a proven tool for weight control. The Internet abounds in motivational materials you can make use of to hypnotize yourself.

• Weight control measures for children

• Child obesity too is a grave concern which our nation has to address at present. If you are a parent who is trying to help your child lose weight, do it with love and care. Motivate your children to prefer outdoor activities like playing with friends to watching TV consistently. Besides, learn to say no in a caring way to your child when he or she asks for junk food or candies containing sugar in high quantities. Encouraging them to join a weight loss program designed exclusively for children too is a good idea. However, do not force the child to do the same with hurting remarks. Try to explain the health benefits of controlling weight. If you are loving and caring enough, your child would definitely be able to enjoy the benefits of your good intentions.

• Weight control is an ongoing process. Adopt a healthy diet, accept a healthy way of life and give your body the exercise it requires.

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