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The question how to lose weight immediately is the one which often gets repeated in the weight loss industry. The answer is quite simple, losing weight immediately is an option discouraged by dieticians in general. But, there is nothing wrong in trying to lose weight immediately if it is done safely and in a healthy way. Fortunately for us, the industry offers a dearth of options when it comes losing weight fast and safe. Given below are some plausible answers to the question, how to lose weight immediately.

Lose weight with a four-minute workout plan

According to Stephen Cabral, the National health correspondent and a personal trainer, you can lose weight within just four minutes. And, the workout plan designed by him claims to be the most effective weight loss workout developed recently. This not only burns calories during the workout session, but also for up to a time of 36 hours as the effect of a process known as “Excessive Post-exercise Consumption.” The more intense your workout, the greater the weight loss you are going to experience after this workout. However, do not allow your over-enthusiasm overtake your physical capabilities.

Begin the workout with a five-minute warm-up exercise. Start slow and increase the intensity gradually. After five minutes, you should start breathing fast and sweating slightly. This should take you to the next step, start jumping or sprinting as fast as your body allows. Your heart rate should come up to its maximum. Be careful not to go beyond that level. The maximum heart rate can be calculated by dividing 220 by the age of the person. Make use of a heart rate monitor to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum rate. Continue this for twenty seconds. Minimize the speed.

Do not make it gradual. Simply be slow as much as you can. You should experience your heart rate coming to its normal level. Continue this for twenty seconds. Now, bring back the intensity. This too should be continued for twenty seconds. One high intense exercise and one recovery time is one round of the workout. Do it eight times. The eight rounds would come up to four minutes of time. Upon completing this, slow down gradually. Take deep breaths. Your heart rate would have come down to its normal level by this time.

Let your body feel completely relaxed. If you do this workout plan in conjunction with the fitness program of your choice, you would definitely lose weight within the shortest possible time. Take care to do this work out twice or thrice in a week to get the maximum out of it.

A few tips on losing weight fast in a healthy way

If you wish to lose weight immediately, there is no easy way out, you have to reduce food and increase your physical activity. If you are a person who consumes up to 1200 calories per day, a workout plan of one hour would help you to shed up to five pounds within one week. But, be careful not to reduce your calorie intake further, it may prove hazardous for your health.

Minimizing the consumption of salt and starch too is an ideal way to lose weight fast. But, in this instance, your body would be losing fluids, not the stored fat.

Experts say that a diet which focuses more on vegetables, fruits, lean meat and fatless meat would go a long way in helping a person lose weight immediately. Doing this would help you stay full stopping you from searching for candies or cookies. Drinking plenty of water too is a proven method for losing weight fast. Water flushes out the toxins and helps your body to absorb all the nutrients contained in the meals you have. The determination to eliminate your favorite items which are high in sugar and fat too is a must-have if you wish to lose weight fast.
Try to remain active all the time. Most of the time, it so happens that you feel tempted to over-eat when you feel bored.

You should also take care to make sure that you are having your meals from a plate set before you on the table. The frequent visits to your kitchen would prove detrimental for your weight loss attempts.
Keeping a record of what goes into your mouth too would help you to keep the momentum of your attempts to lose weight immediately. Trying to analyze what you feel right after the meals too is a good idea worth considering. This deserves utmost importance due to the fact that our feelings play a vital role in controlling our pattern of eating. If you happen to notice that your emotions are capable of controlling your eating habits, do not hesitate to get help from a psychiatrist.

Another factor which should command your attention is physical activity. Experts inform us that to lose weight immediately, one should exercise at least for one hour. Consult a doctor if you are someone undergoing regular medication. Remember, cardiovascular exercises are the ones which burn calories most. They should go hand in hand with strength training done at regular intervals.

Do not let your over-enthusiasm allow you to push your body to go beyond its capabilities. Doing so would result in muscle injuries adversely affecting your attempts in this direction.

Stay away from crash diets

It is true that crash diets may appear tempting for someone who is trying to shed a few pounds as fast as possible. But, you should understand that you need energy to do exercise. It implies that if your calorie intake goes below 1200, your body would fail to comply with your demand for strenuous activity. Besides, losing more than 2 LBs within one week would damage your overall health. Be vary of fad diets being popularized by celebrities. Your body would have a tough time following it. Even the effect is temporary. The moment you go back your normal diet, you would regain all the pounds you lost within a few days.

The trouble is not the lack of resources, but the choice being made. Go for healthy options and get an exciting answer to the question, how to lose weight immediately.

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