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Health industry abounds in programs which claim to help you lose weight within the shortest possible time. But, the job of selecting the one capable of offering actual result always remains a herculean task. Besides, any weight loss effort which assists you to lose more than one or two pounds a week actually requires fierce determination and strenuous efforts. However, it is not something unattainable. To find an answer to the question how to lose weight fast, Yahoo and similar websites are great sources you can rely upon. If you are someone who is ready to dedicate yourself to a weight loss plan and stick to it till you attain your desired body weight, here are some programs for your consideration.

Lose twenty pounds in twenty days

A diet plan designed for those who weigh above forty pounds, this offers you the opportunity to lose twenty pounds within the time of twenty days. But, if you are someone used to a sedentary life, it may present itself as a great challenge. However, if you are able to stay motivated and stick to it for the specified time, the result would be a pleasant surprise for you.

As a first step, decide to commit yourself to a diet plan which asks for tiring efforts and great commitment. You can visit your local store armed with this strong decision. Before going to shop, prepare a list of those items which are capable of giving you up to 1500 calories per day. Do not forget to read the label to verify the same.
When it comes to diet, your meals would be divided into six parts, three larger and three smaller ones. Take care to ensure that every meal contains at least one serving of fresh fruits.

Besides, all your main meals should be high in protein. You are not allowed to have red meat till the end of this weight loss programs. Include the items like fish, chicken breast, pork etc in your diet. And, you must bid farewell to white grain and start having whole grains. You should consume at least five servings of whole grains per day. Furthermore, your last two meals should not contain anything that is high in carbohydrates.

You are also required to have a multi vitamin supplement, especially a vitamin B supplement. This would take care of the vitamins which you may fail to get through the diet. Having six meals per day is a must-have for the success of the program. Do not ignore it even if you don’t feel hungry at times. A failure to abide by this instruction would adversely affect your metabolism.
Water should be the only source to fulfill your liquid requirements. You may have one glass of coffee or tea in the morning, nothing more than that. Take a water bottle wherever you go for the purpose.

This should take you to the next step, the workout program. Be ready to spend up to six days in a week and that too thirty minutes per day in cardiovascular exercises. You can make use of the exercise machines available in the market for the purpose. Doing a small exercise in the morning is an ideal way to quick start your metabolism. You can design your own exercise routine or take advantage of the websites rich with information in the matter. This should go hand in hand with interval training. In fact, interval training is a prerequisite of any successful weight loss program which offers fast result.

After a time of fourteen days with just the cardiovascular exercises, start with small sessions of weight training to tone your muscles. But, take care to ensure that you are not making any compromise with regard to your cardiovascular exercises in the meantime. You may require the assistance of a personal trainer or the support of your friends and relatives to complete this program. However, if you are able to stick to it till the end, you would be rewarded with a slim and healthy body. You just have to stick to a healthy diet to maintain the same.

Lose weight fast safely, in five steps

If you have the motivation to stick to a program which asks for great commitment and a strong mine, this program is an ideal option to try out.

• Discuss your desire with your physician:

Begin your weight loss efforts by discussing the same with your physician. This would help you in setting up a goal you can attain easily. You would also be informed if there exists any physical condition which prevents you from trying to lose weight fast. Besides, you have to be aware of the situations which may restrict you from opting for any exercise.

• Meet an authorized dietician and talk of your weight loss objectives:

This is an ideal way to make sure that you are aware of your calorie requirements. The dietician would help you to determine your calorie intake per day. You are also offered an opportunity to understand how many calories should come from different kinds of meals. Furthermore, you would come to know if you require the assistance of a multi vitamin supplement to compensate for the loss which may happen due to a low-fat and low-carbohydrate diet.

• Be determined to stick to the diet plan of your choice:

The effectiveness of a diet plan is not going to benefit you if you are someone who keeps on wandering from one program to another. Be ready to face challenges in the first few weeks of the program and teach your mind to be firm till the end.

• Exercise regularly:

Physical activity is something you can never ignore in any weight loss program. Cultivate the habit of spending at least thirty minutes in some kind of intense physical activity. You should also offer enough time for your muscles to take rest and recover from the effects of the intense workout plan you may be doing. Doing your choice exercise in alternate days is an idea worth considering.

This is just an outline of the dearth of weight loss programs capable of offering you instant results. Go for the one which works for you.

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