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  • April 1, 2013
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The answer to the question, how to get rid of sore muscles lies in understanding certain facts.
Soreness of muscles is a natural consequence of a tough workout session. However, the extent of soreness depends on your health. If you are someone with a good physique, you may not experience any such thing. But, it is akin to someone who is a beginner in the field of muscle-building exercise routines. The same applies to someone starting an intense workout plan for a long time. Even though everyone believes that soreness of muscles happen mostly to athletes, surveys show just the opposite.

Scientists are of the view that this may be due to the fact that athletes are used to high-impact workouts. The industry abounds in ads of products capable of offering instant relief from soreness of muscles. Unfortunately, most of them fail to come at par with our expectations. While some may not be exactly for sore muscles, some come up with harmful after-effects. The best option is to go for natural treatment options for the same. Here are some tips to help you if you are one among the millions who are in search of a practical solution for the trouble.

• Alternate Therapy:

Experience informs us that alternating between cold and hot shower can help you get rid of sore muscles. Have a cold shower for thirty seconds and switch to the cold one for another thirty seconds. Doing this in a cyclic fashion for some time is a surefire way to get relief from soreness of muscles.

• Massage:

Massage relieves the tension of muscles by relieving lactic acid reserved in them in excessive quantities. An athlete who is trying to build muscles through intense workout routine can make use of a technique known as Active Release Technique to get instant relief from sore muscles.

But, if you are an average person trying to lose or gain weight, taking help from your friend may be the ideal choice for you. Electric massages and foam rollers too are great tools to treat your sore muscles. Whatever is your option, take care to ensure that you are massaging the affected body part at least twenty minutes to get the maximum out of it.

• Heat:

Applying heat to the affected muscle increases the flow of blood to the area effecting a quick relief and recovery. It also helps you to get rid of the stiffness of muscles. Have a hot shower or make use of a sauna or heat pack for the purpose. Do this for ten minutes.

• Alternate Ice & Heat treatments:

Applying ice and heat alternatively is a great treatment to get instant relief from soreness of muscles. Ice reduces inflammation and heat increases the flow of blood to the affected area offering immediate relief and speedy recovery. But, make sure that you begin the treatment with the application of ice. The heat treatment, should take double the time of the ice therapy.

• Hydration treatment:

Water plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our body. Drinking plenty of water speeds up the process of lactic acid removal from the muscles, thus fastening your recovery from sore muscles. Besides, water contains minerals which are believed to be an effective safety measure against soreness and related troubles.

• Herbal remedies:
Nature abounds in plants rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Just do an online research. It would come up with thousands of results. Learn about every plant capable of offering instant relief from soreness of muscles and go for the one you feel would be the best one for you.

• Pain relievers:

There is no doubt to the fact that the above-mentioned treatment options would definitely be of help to you in your attempts to cure muscle soreness. If the pain becomes unbearable, you can happily go for certain pain relievers like phosphorus.

• Epsom salt bath:

Add up to 400 grams Epsom salt in warm water and have a bath in it on a daily basis. This would increase the speed of recovery from soreness of muscles. Epsom salt minimizes inflammation and increases the flow of blood to the affected area. In the instance of this becoming a difficult option, just wet a towel and place it on your sore muscle for a few minutes. Having a bath in Epsom salt also helps you to get rid of bloating allowing you to have a fat-free stomach.

• Ginger:

Research informs us that a regular intake of ginger prevents soreness of muscles. According to some experts, those who consumed ginger for a time of eight days before an intense workout showed a twenty-five per cent decrease in soreness and other difficulties.

• CoQ10:

CoQ10 is an enzyme which plays a vital role in the proper functioning of muscles. The regular intake of the same as a supplement is shown to have great influence in helping someone to get relief from the difficulties due to sore muscles. If you are suffering from sore muscles, have hundred grams of this enzyme on a daily basis.

• Cherry juice:

Studies show that the intake of cherry juice boosts the recovery process from sore muscles. However, the exact cause of the same remains unknown.

Having arnica pill too is proven to be effective in offering instant relief to those who are suffering from sore muscles. If it happens that you are starting the workout after a long interval, do not opt for a quick start. Start slowly and increase the intensity only when your body asks for it. Besides, stay away from anti-inflammatory medicines.

Even though medication may offer relief from pain, studies show that they slow down the process of recovery. Do your homework, understand the ingredients and go for a practical answer to the question, how to get rid of sore muscles. Subscribe to the blogs written by experts in the field. They would definitely help you take an informed decision in the matter.

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