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  • April 1, 2013
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Any query with regard to weight loss would come up with the general advice, “Control your diet, burn more calorie than you consume.” But, everyone knows that it is something easy to preach and difficult to practice. This leaves most of us wondering, is there an easy way? If you belong to this group of millions of health-conscious individuals who are on the lookout of a practical weight loss diet plan, the following tips would definitely be of help to you.

10 best diet tips to lose weight

• Drink plain water instead of your favorite soft drink:

Our body’s demand for fuel or a glass of plain water is something which often gets misinterpreted. When you feel thirsty or hungry, try to understand what your body is asking for. Do not go for aerated drinks when you are hungry. Most of these drinks are high in empty calorie and sugar. Even if you drink much, it is not going to help you reduce your calorie intake through your meals. Just go for plain water. If you feel the need of any flavor, adding a bit of lemon or your favorite juice would do great.

• Instead of focusing on what to eliminate from your diet, focus on what you can add up to it:

It is true that a weight loss diet requires you to eliminate certain food items. But, to remain motivated, think of adding the fruits and vegetables in the recommended quantity, i.e. five servings per day. It may appear to be more than you want.

But, this is a healthy way to get rid of your craving for meals that are high in fat and carbohydrates. The great benefit you would have if you go for fruits and vegetables is that you can have them as much as you want without suffering from the bad effects of over-eating. This happens because fruits and vegetables act as substitutes for fat in your body. The other health benefits come as added bonuses.

• Understand your body:

When you feel like eating something, try to understand if you are really hungry or not. Hunger is your body’s way of asking for fuel. The ability to notice the apparent signs of hunger would help you distinguish between your body’s request for fuel or water. If you are really hungry, the meal should help you fulfill your craving for food. It should satisfy you and make you feel well.

Understand that stomach is a small organ in your body, just the size of one’s fist. It just needs a moderate amount of food to be filled up. This implies that if you are able to maintain the quantity of your meals at a moderate level, you would be able to differentiate between your body’s demand for fuel and water.

• If possible, say good bye to after-dinner snacks:

Absent-minded enjoyment of snacks often comes as a great villain to spoil your weight loss efforts. To avoid this danger, stay away from enjoying your favorite candy while watching the program you love most on television. If you find it difficult to control your craving for a snack after dinner, go for low-fat drinks or candies.

• Do not try to stop having your favorite item all on a sudden:

This is one among the 10 best diet tips which often goes unnoticed. The first thing people generally do while planning a weight loss meal plan is to avoid their favorite item if they find it to be high in fat or carbohydrates. But, the fact is that the more you force your body to stop having something, the greater the temptation for having the same thing would become.

The best thing to do is just minimizing the quantity. This way, you would be able to take your body to a situation where it simply says no to anything which is high in fat.

• When tempted to have a treat, make it a time to socialize with your friends and relatives:

As mentioned above, depriving yourself of something you love would create a situation where you are tempted to have it more and more. The ideal option is to convert it into a time to spend away from your home, in the company of your dear ones. However, be mindful of the amount of the meal you are having during this time of enjoyment.

• Divide your meals into smaller portions:

If you wish to lose weight, you should burn more calories than you consume. But, doing the required amount of physical activity remaining hungry is sure to be a herculean task. Dividing your diet into four to five times a day is the best option to avoid this danger. Research shows that those who have their meals four or five times in the day find it easy to keep their craving for food at check than those who ignore the same.

• Take care to ensure that every single meal you have is high in protein:

Protein is a prerequisite for a healthy body. It helps your body to increase muscle mass. Besides, it satisfies your hunger more effectively than the meals which are high in fat and sugar. Including the food items like yogurt and cheese in your diet would help you get the required amount of protein for your body.

• Read the label of every product you buy from shops:

As it is said, watch what goes into your mouth. Reading the product documentation or the package label offers you great insights into the amount of calorie contained in the item you purchase.

• Try to find a way to de-stress yourself:

This too is an advice which often gets repeated. But, even with your best efforts, a failure to distress yourself at times may prove detrimental to your weight loss efforts. This happens due to the fact that stress leads to the habits like over-eating and binge eating, the two extremes which are hazardous for your body. And, in life, you cannot save yourself from stressful situations. Find out something which offers you utmost enjoyment and spend a few minutes to allow your body to feel relaxed doing something it loves most.

A simple search online would come up with an abundance when it comes to meal plans or diet tips. However, these, if properly followed can be regarded as the best 10 diet tips which are capable of giving you tangible results within the shortest possible time.

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